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How would you like to learn a new fingerstyle lick every week? With Lick of the Week, you'll get a great new fingerstyle lick every week for a whole year! You'll learn licks, runs, and patterns from the playing of fingerstyle legends like Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Paul Yandell, and more, plus original licks from Craig Dobbins.

The Lick of the Week will be emailed to subscribers each Monday, in notation and tab (pdf format), with performance tips and background notes, plus mp3 and video clips of Craig playing the lick!

In your first email, you'll get all the previous licks from the year; then you'll receive a new Lick of the Week every week, 52 licks in all!

Check out these sample licks:

Sample lick #1   tab     audio     video

Sample lick #2   tab     audio     video

More sample licks from Craig's channel:


     •  "Craig Dobbins does great work. It's a cut above." - CHET ATKINS, c.g.p.

     •  "Great! The first lick was worth the price of admission!" -F.R.

     •  "Craig does the best job of tabbing and presenting fingerstyle guitar of anyone I know." - PAUL YANDELL

     •  "I'm looking forward to a binder full of them!" -R.B.


Beginning January 2015, Craig is taking a break from Lick of the Week to work on other projects. In the meantime, all five years of LOTW are available as downloads, plus the special Reed Licks from LOTW collection!