Chet Atkins Tabs

transcribed by Craig Dobbins                    

"Craig Dobbins does great work- it's a cut above." - Chet Atkins, c.g.p.

Craig Dobbins is recognized as an authority on the music of Chet Atkins. He is the author of  The Chet Atkins Collection and has contributed Atkins lessons and transcriptions to Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, and Mister Guitar (Journal of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society). His Favorite Chet Licks column is a regular feature in Mister Guitar.

Looking for a particular Chet Atkins tab? These Chet Atkins tabs are available in Craig's books, the AGW archive, or as downloads. All are transcribed in notation and tablature, with performance notes and chord diagrams (where applicable).

A Little Mark Muzik (AGW Vol 4 No 3)

Baby's Coming Home (written by Jerry Reed ) (The Jerry Reed Collection, AGW Vol 6 No 3)

Back To Old Smoky Mountain (download)

Back Up and Push (AGW Vol 5 No 3)

Freight Train (composite version) (AGW Vol 7 No 2)

From Nashville With Love (AGW Vol 13 No 2)

Funky Junk (written by Jerry Reed ) (The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed, AGW Vol 10 No 1)

Hellacious (written by Jerry Reed ) (The Jerry Reed Collection)

Jingle Bells (1955 version) (download)

Letter Edged In Black (intro and verse) (AGW Vol 9 No 1)

Liebestraum (Chet's part) (AGW Vol 8 No 3)

Maybelle (original live version) (AGW 12 No 4)

Medley: Road To Gundaghi/Waltzing Matilda (with Tommy Emmanuel) (download)

My Town (The Best of AGW)

Nashvtown Ville (AGW Vol 3 No 3)

Nut Sundae (written by Jerry Reed ) (The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed)

Ready For The Times To Get Better (part 1) (AGW Vol 8 No 1)

Ready For The Times To Get Better (part 2) (AGW Vol 8 No 2 )

Rhythm Guitar (written by Jerry Reed ) (AGW Vol 11 No 1)

Rose Ann (written by Jerry Reed ) (AGW Vol 6 No 2)

Steeplechase Lane (written by Jerry Reed ) (The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed, AGW Special Jerry Reed Issue)

The Bells of St. Mary's (download)

The Last Letter (1st verse) (AGW Vol 9 No 3)

Trambone (original 1956 version) (AGW 13 No 3)

Waltz No. 10 in B Minor (download)

Whispering (download)


The Chet Atkins Collection (out of print) contains: Back to Old Smoky Mountain; The Bells of St. Mary's (1953 version); Freight Train; I'll Fly Away; Jingle Bells (1955 single version); Road to Gundaghi/ Waltzing Matilda (duet with Tommy Emmanuel); Waltz No. 10 in B Minor; Whispering.

Now available as an ebook.

Copies of the original book by Craig occasionally turn up on Amazon and eBay.


Atkins Style Picking by Craig Dobbins. (From the December 2001 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.)

This link will take you to the Acoustic Guitar website.


Craig's transcription of The Claw (from the 1992 album Sneakin' Around) is in John Knowles' Chet Atkins ~ Vintage Fingerstyle book.

This link will take you to the Hal Leonard website.


You'll find many more Chet Atkins intros, endings, techniques, and licks in the AGW archive and Lick of the Week.


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