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13 great tunes by Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Paul Yandell, Steve Wariner, Tommy Emmanuel and more! Includes

This very special collection features some of the best moments from past issues of AGW. Package includes 20-page special issue and enhanced CD with even more music in pdf tab, plus recordings of all the tunes, many by the original artist!

Includes: Anytime *(Craig Dobbins); Clear Springs Blues *(Paul Yandell); Dixie McGuire (Tommy Emmanuel); Easy Pickin’s *(Jim Ohlschmidt); Flowers of Edinburgh *(Craig Dobbins); I Should Be With You (Steve Wariner); Lottie *(Jerry Reed); Love Lifted Me *(Craig Dobbins); My Town (Chet Atkins); Oh How I Love Jesus *(Ray Cummins); Strike it Rich *(Richard Smith); That’s My Boy *(Craig Dobbins); Wasn’t it you? *(Pat Kirtley); plus a new solo recording of Dixie McGuire, recorded by Tommy Emmanuel especially for this collection.

*original recording by the artist

In notation and tab, with performance tips, background notes, and chord diagrams. 13 great tunes in all!


     •     "Craig Dobbins does great work- it's a cut above." - CHET ATKINS, c.g.p.

     •     "Craig Dobbins does the best job of tabbing and presenting fingerstyle guitar of anyone I know." - PAUL YANDELL

     •     "Craig, I'm flattered that you consider my compositions worthy enough to go in your publications. I'm really grateful for that, and if you don't get this quote right, I'm gonna break both your thumbs!" - JERRY REED


Best of Acoustic Guitar Workshop: $26.95 (shipping included).

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