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Occasionally folks ask about my instruments and equipment. I use a variety of guitars, depending on the sound I need. Here are some of my favorites:


Here's a clip of me playing the custom Sand on

Here's an audio clip of the CDM. And here's a video clip of the first tune I played on the CDM on

Here's an audio clip of me playing a Taylor on The lead is played on a Delvecchio, and the two rhythm tracks (panned left and right) are on the 514-C.

Here's an audio clip of me playing the Takamine on

Here's a funky Reed-style lick on the Tele. It's got the sound.


For picks, I usually use a Herco blue thumbpick. I file them down to the size and shape I like, smooth them with 600 grit sandpaper (which I also use on my nails), and maybe polish them with something like 3M Imperial Glaze, to get them really slick. Sometimes I use a heavy-gauge Herco flatpick/thumbpick when I play electric. When I want a big sound, I use an old National or a Dunlop. For rhythm, I use various flatpicks, depending on the sound I want. More often than not, I just play rhythm with my thumb and fingers. My capos are Shubb and Planet Waves

When I record, I like a really short signal path. I usually go from my guitar into a Demeter Stereo Tube Direct, a Lexicon PCM 60 reverb, and on to the recorder or DAW. I connect everything together with short lengths of high quality cable, like Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 or Planet Waves American Stage Cable. When I use a mic, I'll run it through a tube preamp as well, to warm up the sound. When possible, I prefer to record to analog.

When I play live, I use various amps, depending on the situation. Lately I've been using an AAD Cub AG-100 amp by Phil Jones with the acoustic-electrics. Sometimes, I'll just use the amp as my monitor, and go through a Demeter Tube Direct into the PA. For electric guitar, I like smaller amps like a Music Man RD-50 112 or a Fender Princeton Reverb. I keep the volume low and mic the amp. I generally leave the effects at home, except for maybe a reverb or delay. When I do use effects, the Whirlwind Rochester Series pedals are great. I have the Orange Box phaser and the Red Box compressor, and they really capture that '70's sound. I connect everything with Planet Waves American Stage Cable.

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