Notes on Bound for Britain . . .

Violin and guitar duets by Emily Thomas and Craig Dobbins

The idea for Bound for Britain was two-fold: first, to document our duet arrangements; and second, to raise funds for Emily's 11-month mission trip to the UK. All proceeds from this EP will go toward her support. We could not have done this recording without the generosity of our friend Randall Moon, who recorded and mixed the project in his studio. Thanks also to our families and friends for their support!

"I want to thank Craig Dobbins and Randall Moon for this EP. God has been so faithful and has blessed me with amazing friends."


"I love playing duets with Emily, and I am excited about this, our first recording together. She is a great talent and a fine young lady. I know you'll enjoy Bound for Britain."


Note: Emily served for 11 months at Kahaila in London during 2014. Thanks to everyone who supported her mission through Bound for Britain.



Bound for Britain

( Craig B. Dobbins, BMI.)

I wrote this in tribute to Emily's forthcoming adventure, so Bound for Britain seemed a fitting title. Although conceived as a guitar instrumental, it works beautifully as a duet. (Of course, it helps that Emily is a great player.)

*For all you guitar pickers, I'm in open E tuning (E-B-E-G#-B-E, 6th-1st strings).


Dust in the Wind

(Kerry Livgren, EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group)

This 1970's hit by Kansas is a natural for a guitar/violin duo, and it's always a crowd pleaser when we play live.

Click here to watch a video clip of Emily and Craig playing Dust in the Wind on


Just a Dream

( Craig B. Dobbins, BMI.)

When I wrote this instrumental a few years ago, I was trying to convey a sense of loss, coupled with a feeling of hope. Emily composed the counter melody that "answers" the guitar part.

*I'm in dropped C tuning (C-G-D-G-B-E, 6th-1st strings).

Click here to watch a video clip of Emily and Craig playing Just a Dream on


Ashokan Farewell

(Jay Ungar, Songwriters Guild of America OBO Swinging Door Music)

This haunting melody is the first thing I ever heard Emily play. You may recognize it from the PBS series The Civil War.

Click here to watch a video clip of Emily and Craig playing Ashokan Farewell on


My Eyes Are Dry

(Keith Green, Universal Music MGB Songs)

An old Keith Green song that I shared with Emily. After playing an impromptu instrumental version one night at a coffee house concert, we decided it would be great to include in this collection as a vocal. The violin is double-tracked here and there, and Emily also overdubbed vocal harmony on the last chorus.


Bound for Britain (Reprise)

( Craig B. Dobbins, BMI.)

I thought a solo reprise of the melody would be fitting for the closing track. The fade was my wife Julie's idea, as Emily is indeed Bound for Britain . . .



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